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Frequently Asked Questions
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Course Access and Fees

  1. What if I run out of time and need more than 90 days to access the course material?
  2. What if I can't access the course even though my 90 days has not lapsed?
  3. What if I finish the course test before I completed the module tests?
  4. I am a NALA member and was charged the non-member fee - what do I do?

Course Design

  5. Do I have to schedule a time to take a seminar?
  6. What if I can't read the information on a slide?
  7. What is the Course Information Page?
  8. What if I can't download material from the Course Information Page?
  9. What's a passing score on the tests?
10. Some of those test questions . . . they seem to be pretty tricky . . . any comments?
11. I finished my test and submitted the essay answer but I can't see the results?
12. Can you print the course material?
13. May I contact the author for more information?
14. Do you have to buy a book to take these courses?
15. What if the audio doesn't work?


16. Do I get a certificate of completion?
17. Do I get college credit for completing the course?
18. Is there an evaluation form that I may complete when I finish a course?
19. I inadvertently hit the enroll key for the demonstration course. Please contact me with the cost for this course.
20. I registered with NALACampus a few months ago and have since changed my email address.  I tried to edit my profile but I cannot remember my password.