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Members' Area

NALA membership is a terrific way to stay in touch with paralegals from throughout the United States. With communications, there is also leadership, and volunteer opportunities. Read more about these programs in this section of the web site.

NALA Membership Newsletters ... Archive issues now available!
The e-newsletter is sent to members' preferred e-mail address, however, many newsletters are blocked by servers because they are considerd spam. It is not a guarantee that all members receive this information. Former issues are available from the link below.  Check this often to be sure you are current with NALA news!

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 Use this link to update your membership data, including new address or contact information and to renew your NALA dues.

Communications with fellow members, referring to former issues of Facts & Findings, checking on state ethical opinions and cases are all important ingredients to membership in NALA and your professional life. NALA Net offers each of these references.

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Click here to read the 2015 Annual Report of NALA.

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CLE Gift for NALA Active Members!

Active members of NALA - new and renewals - are receiving an $80 gift certificate from NALA to apply toward any NALA educational program or Facts & Findings subscription ...

Need a product or service for your office?

The NALA Vendor Directory is a terrific place to start. This is a list of legal vendors offering a great range of help including deposition services, document services, and investigations. Click the link below...

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Members' Area
This section includes information specifically for NALA members. This includes links to the members only areas of Facts & Findings online, the Members Conference Center, and NALA Net. Check these pages often for important information regarding your membership, and resources.

Membership Resources

Membership in NALA has many benefits, including access to the Members Conference Center, NALA Net and Facts and Findings online.

  • The members Conference Center is a terrific way to stay in touch with fellow NALA members, and to discuss professional challenges. Guests may browse the messages; only members may post messages and take advantage of other features of the conference center. Conference center features include the ability to have postings directed to your e-mail inbox - saving you the time of logging in while keeping you up to date on subjects in which you are interested.
  • NALA Net is a special reference for members. This is a database of ethical opinions, cases, bar association guidelines, and articles related to the paralegal profession. It was established in the late 1990's and now has several years of information chronicling the growth of the paralegal profession. This is a good source of information for students, as well as those interested in the development of our career field.
  • Facts & Findings online is just that - your on-line issue of the best publication out there for paralegals. Facts & Findings online features articles from several years back. This is a great source of educational articles for paralegals.
NALA Member Pages - Login

Each NALA member is provided with a NALA Net Login name and membership number. To first access the NALA Net and Facts & Findings articles, a window will open asking for your NALA Net login. Members' NALA Net login is the user name  followed by a slash (/) and the account number. User names may or may not have a space between the first initial and last name.

The NALA Conference Center is very similar. Each member's name and member number is preloaded in the conference center files. To log in to this, first enter your user name, then your member number. The member number is the same as your password.

Communications with fellow members, access to former issues of Facts & Findings, the ability to check on cases and rules affecting paralegals are important ingredients to NALA membership. Use this and the other member services available to you.