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LIVE! Archive Recordings

NALA Campus LIVE! programs may now be downloaded for your own personal use.  This begins with the fall 2007 programs.  Use this special offer from NALA to build a file of reference material from among the country's best CLE speakers and presenters. 


NALA Members $60
NALA Non-Members $80

Cost includes slides and any additional course handout material that may have been distributed during the program

If you were a paid registrant and participated during the NALA Campus LIVE! program, the material is available to you at a discounted rate. Please contact NALA for more details.

Courses Available

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The audio files and handout material are copyrighted by NALA and the authors.
They are for personal use only. Duplication of any of the material or any commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Once you purchase the download you will be directed to a link to download the materials. You will only have access to this once. If something occurs to prevent you from downloading the information please contact Mariah Williams at mwilliams@nala.org

Administrative Law (11/26/12) (1.5 hours CLE) Family Law: 
(11/9/12) (1 hour CLE)
Advances in Courtroom Technology (9/17/12) (1.5 hours CLE)
HIPAA Privacy (11/1/07) (2 hours CLE)
Amendments to Federal Rules Change Methods of Calculating Deadlines (12/1/09) (2 hours CLE)
American Legal System: Part 1 (8/26/2014)  (2 hours CLE)
Interviewing Witnesses (10-17-2014) (1.5 hours CLE)
American Legal System: Part 2 (8/28/2014) (2 hours CLE)
Judgment & Legal Analysis (12-12-2014) (2 hours CLE)
Bankruptcy Basics (9-12-2014) (1.5 hours CLE)
Legal Research (11-14-2014) (2 hours CLE)
Bankruptcy - A Creditor's Perspective (10-3-2014) (1.5 hours CLE)
Legal Research:
Blue Book Review of Citing (9-12-2014) (1.5 hours CLE)
Basic Business Organizations (9/11/12) (2 hours CLE)
Civil Litigation: Part I (8/20/09) (2 hours CLE)
Mergers and Acquisitions (11/6/12) (1.5 hours CLE)
Civil Litigation: Part II (8/24/09) (2 hours CLE)
Paperless Office (10/19/07) (2 hours CLE)
Civil Litigation: Part III (8/26/09) (2 hours CLE)
Paralegal's Role in e-Discovery (9-19-2014) (1.5 hours CLE)
Clean Water Act 1 (10-20-2014) (1.5 hours CLE)
Patent Prosecution (10/17/12) (1.5 hours CLE)
Clean Water Act 2 (10-27-2014) (1.5 hours CLE)
Power Up Your PowerPoint (10/25/07) (2 hours CLE)
Contracts: An Overview (11-3-2014) (1.5 hours CLE)
Criminal Law: What you say on FaceBook may hurt you (8-20-2014) (1.5 hours CLE)
Real Estate:
(10/17/07) (1.5 hours CLE)
Deciphering the Medical Record (11/3/12) (1.5 hours CLE)
Real Estate:
Commercial Leases
(12/1/12) (1.5 hours CLE)
e-Discovery: A Practitioner's Lab (12/6/12) (1.5 hours CLE)
Real Estate:
(11/17/12) (1.5 hours CLE)
Effective Communication Skills (4/26/07) (2 hours non-substantive CLE)
Real Estate:
(11/3/12) (1.5 hours CLE)
Elder Law Intermediate (8/20/09) (2 hours CLE)
Real Estate:
Legal Descriptions
(9/9/09) (1.5 hours CLE)
Environmental Law (10/29/12) (1.5 hours CLE)
Real Estate:
Property 101: Yours, Mine, Ours? (10-1-2014) (1.5 hours CLE)
Estate Planning Part 1 Generation Skipping Transfers (10/7/09) (1.5 hours CLE)
Real Estate:
Title Searches
(10/20/12) (1.5 hours CLE)
Estate Planning Part 2 Applicable Exclusion Amount to Offset Federal Gift Taxes
and Federal Estate Taxes; Annual Exclusions
and Marital Education
(10/21/09) (1.5 hours CLE)
Estates and Probate (9-26-2014) (2 hours CLE)
USERRA Rights and Requirements (9-15-2014) (1 hour CLE)
Evidence-Advanced (9/29/09) (2 hours CLE)
Written Communications (12-5-2014) (2 hours CLE)
Evidence-Basic (9/15/09) (2 hours CLE)
Evidence-Intermediate (9/22/09) (2 hours CLE)