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NALA membership is a terrific way to stay in touch with paralegals from throughout the United States. With communications, there is also leadership, and volunteer opportunities. Read more about these programs in this section of the web site.

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The e-newsletter is sent to members' preferred e-mail address, however, many newsletters are blocked by servers because they are considerd spam. It is not a guarantee that all members receive this information. Former issues are available from the link below.  Check this often to be sure you are current with NALA news!

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Communications with fellow members, referring to former issues of Facts & Findings, checking on state ethical opinions and cases are all important ingredients to membership in NALA and your professional life. NALA Net offers each of these references.

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Active members of NALA - new and renewals - are receiving an $80 gift certificate from NALA to apply toward any NALA educational program or Facts & Findings subscription ...

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NALA Awards Recognize Excellence!
NALA Awards Program and Membership Recognition

Is there a member you know who is deserving of special recognition? The NALA Founders Award and the NALA Presidents Award programs are a terrific option for you!  In addition, the NALA Board of Directors has brought back the Making a Difference Award!  Read on for details!
  • NALA Affiliated Associations have a similar program to recognize NALA affiliated association leaders and achievers!  Click here to learn about the awards programs for NALA Affiliated Associations.
NALA Making a Difference Awards

NALA members are SPECIAL!  Members are working every day to support their associations, continue their education, help students, and mentor those who wish to know more know about the paralegal profession. In addition, members individually and through their association are helping in their communities through volunteering in law-related community programs, and other non-profit community support programs. The Board of Directors has found a way to recognize members in their everyday activities, and has brought back the popular Member Making a Difference Awards!

Making a Difference honorees are recognized throughout the year in Facts & Findings and through other communications programs of NALA, including the web site and newsletter. Each year at the NALA Annual Meeting, honorees present are recognized as a group for their inspiring and selfless contributions.   

 Click here to open the Making a Difference nomination form. All NALA members or NALA affiliated associations are eligible for this award, and any individual or association may submit a nomination form

Founders Award

This award is designed to recognize extraordinary contributions to the growth and future of the paralegal profession. The accomplishments recognized have impacted the paralegal profession in a positive manner for a significant period of time.

The award is not presented each year automatically. Former award recipients are listed below. The list includes past presidents, law firms that have supported the paralegal profession, and long-time NALA staff members.  Consider those you know who are deserving of this special recognition!
Jane Terhune, CLAS (OK) and
Dorthea Jorde, CLAS (ND)
Founders of NALA
1996 Una A. Clark, CLA (CA)
First editor of Facts & Findings
Virginia Koerselman, Esq. (NE)
Author and Paralegal Educator
Kay Kasic, CLA (CA)
Former NALA President; Organized the CLA Short Course
Marge Dover, CAE
NALA Executive Director, 25th anniversary
Karen M. Dunn, CLAS, (CO)
Former NALA President; author of Real Estate Review Manual
Crowe & Dunlevy Law Firm (OK)
Firm that filed an amicus brief in the Oklahoma Supreme Court in support of  the award of paralegal time in attorney fee cases
Connie Kretchmer, CLA (NE)
Former NALA President; author
Mark Milker, Esq (VT)
NALA Certifying Board member and member of the first APC Board; author; educator
Pamela J. Bailey, CLAS (PA)
Former NALA President; educator
Karen Sanders-West, ACP (KS)
Former NALA President; educator
Marie Greninger (OK)
NALA Director of Administration; Certification
Amy Howe, Esq (DC)
Filed amicus brief in the US Supreme Court in Richland v. Chertoff in support
of award of paralegal time in attorney fee awards
Patricia G. Elliott, ACP (AZ)
Former President of NALA
2011 Glenn A. Leier, Attorney (OR)
Member of NALA APC Board; author and educator
2012 Vicki Voisin, ACP (MI) 
Former NALA President, Paralegal Mentor
2013 Jimmie Murvin, ACP, LCP (LA)
Former NALA Board member; teacher and leader in advancing state certification for paralegals
2014 Debra J. Smith, ACP (IL)
Former NALA President; teach and advocate for advanced specialty certification for paralegals



Click here to open a pdf file of the Founders Award Application form. The form is due each year on April 15. Nominations must be submitted by a NALA active member in good standing. Nominees, however, may include any individual or company and NALA membership is not a requirement. 

Need more info?

Here is a quick link to a summary of the three programs, and nomination forms:

Award recipients are recognized
each year during the
NALA Annual Membership Meeting!

Presidents Award

The NALA Presidents Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments of NALA members and their contribution to the future of the paralegal profession through their leadership activities within NALA and NALA affiliated associations.

Award recipients must be current NALA members, must have held membership for at least 2 years, and must have at least 5 years of experience as a paralegal. Recipients of the Presidents Award are listed below. These members of NALA have contributed greatly to the paralegal profession through their work with NALA affiliated associations, and through their volunteer work on NALA committees and task forces. Some on this list are also former presidents of NALA and are continuing their service to the paralegal profession.

1995 Jimmie Murvin, CLAS (LA)
1996 Genelle Fisk, CLAS (VA)
Lana Clark, CLA (CA)
Nancy Hole, CLAS (WY)
Beverly Bolton, CLAS (KS)
Karen Judd, CLA (IL)
Karen Sanders-West, CLAS (KS)
Vicki Voisin, CLAS (MI)
Amy J. Hill, CLAS (NC)
Janet Holmgren, CLA (NY)
Pamela R. Cobb, CLA (TN)
Theresa Irvin, CLA and Mary Willard, ACP (NC)
Michelle Erdmann, ACP (ND)
2011 Vicki J. Kunz, ACP (ND)
2013 Christine E. Porter, ACP (OR)
2014 Sharon A. Werner, ACP (MI)

 Click here to download a pdf file of the Presidents Award nomination form. The form is due each year on April 15.   Nominations must be submitted by NALA active members, and nominees must be active members of NALA.



Current NALA members who are Board Members, Committee Members, and Chairs are not eligible for the Founders Award, the Presidents Award, or the Making A Difference Award.