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Facts & Findings

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Article Reprints

The following articles from the former issues of Facts & Findings are now available in reprint form (pdf format) for your information. PLEASE do not reproduce these articles without permission of NALA and the author.

Positive Attitude
Jan/Feb 2016 Facts & Findings - Career Chronicle 

by Matt May, Esq.

Social Media Evidence
Jan/Feb 2016 Facts & Findings - Career Chronicle 

by Patrick Schweihs

Potential Pitfalls of Using the Same Expert Witness

Jan/Feb 2016 Facts & Findings - Career Chronicle

by Ingrid Vinci, Esq.

To Plan or Not to Plan...That is the Question!

by Lynn B. Aust, Esq.

Shaping Seniors' Lifestyles
by Mary Merrell Bailey, Attorney, CPA, MBA

It's a staggering thought that the nation's baby boomers are turning 65 at the rate of 10,000 per day. And as they do, they are approaching their golden years with a firm mindeset about the type of life-style they want. Aging baby boomers plan to blaze their own trails during retirement. For them, it's mostly about aging in place, and it's "not your parents' retirement." 

Simple Tips for Navitating Billing Guidelines
by Jacquelie Vinaccia, Esq., Lounsbery, Ferguson, Altona & Peak, LLP, Escondido, CA. 
From the May 2015 Issue

Following the rules and billing codes designed by insurance companies can be intensely frustrating. I know. I did it for 17 years as an insurance defense attorney. But now I see another side, too. 

How FOIA Requests Can Assist a Claims Adjuster in Investigating a Loss
Obtaining copies of public records can be a valuable information gathering tool when investigating a liability claim.
by John M. Dicaro, Esq., and Elizabeth Gilbert, Esq., Jones, Skelton & Hochuli
, Phoenix, Arizona 
From the May 2015 Issue

Resource Conservation and Recovery
2015 May be a pivotal year in a longstanding dispute over whether American companies should conserve and recycle valuable resources, or send those resources for disposal as "solid" and "hazardous waste" in landfills.
by Andrew E. Dudley, Esq., Gallagher & Kennedy, Phoenix, Arizona
From the July 2014 Issue

A Primer on the Oil and Gas Industry
As is evident, locating, producing, procssing and refining oil and gas is a complex endeavor.
by John L. Schumacher, MChE, PE, CFI, CFPS, AEI Corporation, Littleton, Colorado
From the July 2014 Issue

Tackle the Overload of Information
Are you a note taking junkie?  Learn how Posts in Outlook may be your answer to finding that important note you've could spend hours looking for!
by Richelle McFate
From the November 2013 Issue

Got Stress?  
For those working in the legal profession, the answer to that simple question is an unequivocal and resounding “Yes!” It is the one thing you likely have in common with the rest of paralegal-kind, and that one thing is: stress. We are enveloped by it on a daily basis. We are skillful experts at exuding a calm and pleasant countenance in the face of adversity, but ...
by Jamie Collins
From the November 2012 Issue, Professional Development Column

Finding the Perfect Paralegal Job
Law firms and companies are being very specific on the skills and level of expertise needed for entry-level paralegals. What was once a relatively easy profession to break into, has now become one that involves innovation and determination in landing that perfect paralegal job.
by Carl Morrison, PP-SC, AACP
From the January/February 2013 Issue Career Chronicle 2012

Redaction Software
Redaction is often part of a paralegal's job, and it is an increasingly high-profile part of information protection and exposure.
by Christine Musil, Information Graphics Corporation
From the March/April 2012 Issue

Virtual Paralegal
Paralegals and attorneys throughout the country are watching this growing trend. ....
by Cathy L. Ribble CP, Digital Paralegal Services LLC
From the 2010 Career Chronicle Issue

Risk Management for Legal Professionals
Tips on calendaring and docketing from Joseph C. Scott, JD, Vice President and Genera Manager of Compulaw, LLC, and Deadlines on Demand, LLC
From the September-October 2011 Issue