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CLE Gift for NALA Active Members!

Active members of NALA - new and renewals - are receiving an $80 gift certificate from NALA to apply toward any NALA educational program or Facts & Findings subscription ...

Need a product or service for your office?

The NALA Vendor Directory is a terrific place to start. This is a list of legal vendors offering a great range of help including deposition services, document services, and investigations. Click the link below...

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Legal Vendors

Reach the Nation's Paralegals through NALA

Companies and businesses that provide products or services to the paralegal profession, or legal products and services to business, are encouraged to take advantage of these marketing opportunities.  Vendors options include:

  • Advertising in Facts & Findings, the journal for paralegals. 
  • Exhibiting and sponsoring events at the NALA Annual Convention, conducted each July.
  • Listing on selected sections of the NALA web site.
  • Ads in electronic newsletters.
The information below describes web-based advertising opportunities for legal vendors.  


NALA is a non-profit organization for paralegals offering continuing education and professional development programs nationwide. It is composed of over 7,000 individual members. The association was organized in 1975 and will soon celebrate its 40th anniversary.  

In addition to individual member 85 state and local paralegal organizations, located across the U.S., are affiliated with NALA.  NALA administers the national Certified Paralegal credential. Certified Paralegals who are not NALA members, are included in the circulation of the association's electronic newsletter.

Members Demographic:   4% of the population are males; 96% are females. 72% have received the Certified Paralegal credential. Of the current 7,200 members, 447 (6%) are students. The rest are paralegals and Certified Paralegals.

Geographic Representation: NALA members are in all states of the U.S., Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. A few are in foreign countries, working for U.S. companies or the military. Across the nation, the list is distributed as follows:

  • New England/Mid East - 11%  
  • Great Lakes - 6% 
  • Plains States - 7%
  • Southeast - 38%
  • Southwest - 22%
  • Rocky Mountains - 5%
  • Far West - 14%


Employment: Members and Certified Paralegal have several years of experience with the average tenure with current employer at 10 years. Most (63%) work for a private law firm, and, of those, 68% work in firms of 1-15 attorneys; 17% of the respondents work for corporations. Most specialty practice areas are included in our list, the largest percentage working in litigation.

In print ...
Facts & Findings - The Journal for Paralegals

Publication Frequency: Bimonthly, 4 color
Circulation/Press Run: 7,500  
Forms: Print, digital version on web site, Apple Store and GooglePlay for mobile devices

Apps: Google and Apple - current issue password protected for subscribers; last five issues are available for download free of charge and oldest one rotates off when new issue released. For advertisers, this means an issue is on the app and available to the public for almost a year. 


Click icons to view/download the F&F app. View former issues in the app's archive.

2015 Editorial Calendar and deadline dates:

Editorial Focus Closing Date
Ad Inserting Order
January/February 2015 (Digital format only) Career Chronicle November 15
March/April 2015 Healthcare Law January 15
May/June 2015 Insurance Law
Pre-Convention Issue
March 15
July/August 2015 (Digital format only) Discovery May 15
September/October 2015 Elder Law July 15
November/December 2015 Non-Profits September 15

Download  the current media kit

Editorial Contributions

The Facts & Findings Editorial Board will consider educational articles submitted by legal vendors. Contact:   Marge Dover, CAE, NALA Executive Director for more details.

2015 NALA Annual Convention
July 22-24 Tulsa, Oklahoma

NALA's convention is the nation's largest for paralegals. The 2015 Convention will be held July 22-24, 2014, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This will be NALA's 40th annual convention with an added celebration and energy surrounding this milestone anniversary.

Our normal attendance is about 300 paralegals, from throughout the nation. On average, over 40 states are represented. Most attending are experienced paralegals, with the Certified Paralegal credential. Most are also representatives or delegates of their local or state paralegal organization.

Opportunities for vendors include exhibits and sponsorships.
Event sponsors receive added recognition through the promotion period for the convention. This includes logos on the convention advertisements (print and web based), recognition in electronic newsletters and an ad in the convention brochure. The brochure is mailed to approximately 14,000 paralegals. On-site recognition includes public announcements in person and on signs.

Click the icon here for an exhibitor's prospectus.

Digital Advertising

Electronic Newsletter to Members and Certified Paralegals
10 times yearly!

NALA communications with members includes an electronic newsletter a minimum of 10 times per year (not in June or July). Advertisements in the electronic newsletter will be available on a limited basis beginning in 2014.  
The numbers .....

NALA e-mail newsletters are sent to about 10,000 paralegals distributed to two separate lists as follows: 

  • NALA Members - 6,500 paralegals and students. Open rate: over 40%.
  • Certified Paralegals - 4,000 Certified Paralegals who are not NALA members. Open rate: 38%,

All those on our list have an option to opt-out of receiving the electronic newsletter. The numbers may be slightly lower than our current membership numbers. 

Additional exposure for ads: The Membership Newsletter is posted on the NALA web site for an entire year, and posted on the NALA Facebook and LinkedIn pages.
Click here
to view the newsletter archives.

Check the media kit for additional details.


Vendor Directory

If you have visited the NALA web site, you have seen the Vendor Directory.  Listed on the home page and in the Members Area, the Vendor Directory is a resource center for paralegals seeking products and services. The vendor director listing includes a hyperlink to your company's web site, a logo provided by you (in gif or jpeg format, maximum 150 pixels wide), and a description (100-150 words) of the company and products or services. 

$750 per annual listing, non-commissionable. Descriptive information may change at any time.
For more details about any of these programs, contact NALA Advertising Representative , Bill Spilman