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Featured Publication

NALA Manual for Paralegals
Now Available in eBook Format from Cengage Learning!
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Just released in its sixth edition, the NALA Manual for Paralegals is recognized by both paralegal professionals and educators as the practical, factual and reliable paralegal reference. Leading authorities introduce the skills and techniques used by working legal assistants. Subjects cover general skills including legal research, legal analysis, interviewing procedures, and communications. The publication includes a glossary of terms and a list of references for further guidance.  

DELMAR Cengage Learning; ISBN10-1-305-33644-5
ISBN13: 978-1-305-33644-5
6th Edition, 2015, paperback, 462 pages, 8 X 9 1/4"
$180 Members; $190 Non-Members

Chapter headings are:
  • Introduction to the American Legal System 
  • Legal Research
  • Ethics
  • Judgment and Analytical Ability
  • Communications
  • Interviewing Techniques
  • Investigation
  • Pretrial Litigation Skills
  • The Paralegal and Document Discovery Cases
  • Assisting at Trial
 For Certified Paralegal Exam Preparation and Desk References

Certified Paralegal - Mock Examination
and Study Guide,
Fifth Edition 
Now available in eBook Format from Cengage Learning!
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With 130 pages of text and a mock examination for the Certified Paralegal exam, this booklet is a handy study reference for those beginning their study program. It is designed in two parts - the first provides an outline for a nine week study program for groups and classes. The second part of this publication consists of a 2 1/2 hour mock examination. This is an excellent companion to the CP Review Manual, A Practical Guide to Certified Paralegal  Exam Preparation.

DELMAR Cengage Learning; ISBN-13: 978-1-285-19324-3, 2013, paperback, 130 pages, 8 1/2 X 11"  $45 Members; $55 Non-Members

Alternative Methods
of Dispute Resolution

By Martin A. Frey

Now available in eBook Format from Cengage Learning!
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This book uncovers the distinguishing factors, advantages and disadvantages of the various processes in alternative dispute resolution. Chapter concepts are illustrated by examples and are followed by problem-solving activities that give opportunities to find potential solutions and develop reasoning abilities. Judicial options explore more difficult concepts, showing how the courts handle dispute resolution issues when the outcome is not certain. Web sites are cited for those seeking additional information, and a glossary and extensive index provide quick references.

Product Benefits:

  • Includes sixteen dispute resolution processes for a thorough discussion of alternative dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Organizes the processes by chapter and progression to explain levels of ADR involvement
  • Illustrates concepts with examples and then presents problems for readers to reason on and practice what they learn
  • Contains review questions and role play exercises to reinforce and apply knowledge of ADR
  • Offers a glossary of key terms and phrases for quick reference and lists Web sites throughout the book for those wanting to explore more on ADR

Authored by Martin A. Frey, this is a great review of the ADR process and the Advanced Paralegal Certification program on ADR. It's a must for every office.

DELMAR Cengage Learning; ISBN 0-7668-2110-2,
2003, softcover, 500 pages; 8 X 9 1/4" $95 Members; $105 Non-Members


Social Security Disability and
the Legal Professional
By Jeffrey Wolfe
Attorney Lisa Proszek

Social Security Disability and the Legal Professional brings to life the reality of professional practice before the Social Security Administration and the Office of Hearings and Appeals. Authored by experienced professionals, this invaluable guide is designed to enable the legal professional to successfully represent clients throughout the appeals claim process. Narrative scenarios serve as a template for client interaction and interactive checklists prompt readers throughout critical factual issues at each state of representation. Numerous forms, an appendix of additional resources, and cross-references to a traditional legal analysis of pertinent statutes, regulations and case law are all included. Mr. Wolfe and Attorney Proszek are featured speakers at the special Institute held regularly during the NALA annual conventions.

DELMAR Cengage Learning; ISBN 0-7668-2115-3, 2003, paperback, 448 pages; 8 1/2 X 11"  $100 Members; $110 Non-Members

CP Review Manual, 4th Edition
CP Review Manual
Fourth Edition
by Virginia Koerselman Newman, Attorney

Now available in eBook Format from Cengage Learning!
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OR click to order in printed form.

In its Fourth Edition, released October 2013, this comprehensive manual thoroughly covers each section of the voluntary Certified Paralegal exam.

Like the examination itself, this text is recognized in the legal field as denoting high standards of paralegal professionalism and excellence. Virginia Koerselman Newman has written this text specifically for legal assistants striving toward those goals. Please take a moment to review this brief overview of some of the features and order your copy today.Each chapter covers a different section of the examination . . . and provides extensive outlines with summaries of the law, illustrative examples, sample questions with explanatory answers, and charts for review. 

Self-tests at the end of each chapter simulate questions on the actual examination . . . For example, the self-test for the Ethics section consists of 50 sample questions, in a variety of formats, covering various ethical problems. Answers to the self-tests are provided at the end of the text.

The text offers extensive guidelines for effectively preparing for and taking the Certified Paralegal examination. Coverage includes:

  • Basic background information on each section of the exam including administrative policies.

  • Tips for efficient study including when, where, and how to study; effective study aids; and group study suggestions.

  • Suggestions for positive test performance including ideas for controlling stress; general observations on test questions; tips for answering specific types of questions and more.

DELMAR Cengage Learning; ISBN-13:978-1-285-16258-4, 2014, paperback, 607pages,  7 5/16 X 10"  $160 Members; $170 Non-Members

Real Estate Law Review Manual
By John Dunn, Esq.
Karen Dunn, ACP
Virginia Koerselman Newman, Esq.

The Real Estate Law Review Manual chapter headings are:
  • Introduction - History of Real Property Law
  • Freehold Estates
  • Future Interests
  • Concurrent Ownership
  • Common Interest Ownership
  • Landlord and Tenant
  • Servitudes and Other Land Use Limitations
  • Planning and Zoning
  • Sources and Conveyance of Title
  • Sale and Financing of Real Estate
  • Real Estate Litigation

In addition to serving as a study reference, it is also suitable for use as a textbook in the classroom. Self-study quizzes are provided at the end of each chapter.   

DELMAR Cengage Learning; ISBN 0-314-09848-8, 1997, paperback, 278 pages, 7 5/16 X 10"  $80 Members; $90 Non-Members