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On April 30, 2014, The National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) granted accreditation to the NALA Certified Paralegal program for demonstrating compliance with the NCCA Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs. NCCA is the accrediting body of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence. The NCCA Standards were created to ensure certification programs adhere to modern standards of practice for the certification industry.  The NALA Certified Paralegal program joins an elite group of more than 120 organizations representing over 270 certification programs that have received and maintained NCCA accreditation. More information on the NCCA is available online at www.credentialingexcellence.org/NCCA

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To download the 2012 Job Analysis Report. This major study of the paralegal career field was released by the NALA Certifying Board June 15, 2012.

 Current Directory of Certified Paralegals
This link opens a form that may be used to verify one's certification status. Please check the update date if a name is not listed.

Professional certification is a time honored career development tool. It is helpful to employers and those seeking to enhance their career options. Because of the reliance on certification programs for career decisions, it is important a program is professionally managed and administered. NALA's over 35 years of experience in this area, and nearly 17,000 paralegals attest to the professionalism of the program.

   CLE Look Up for Certified Paralegals
Click this link to review the CLE credits recorded on your account. This information includes the expiration date of your certificate, the total credits awarded, as well as the credits that are classified as non-substantive credits, and ethics. This information is updated every 24-48 hours during the business week. 

Members need to log in with their NALA Net User name, and member number as the password. Non-members will be provided login information in an electronic newsletter.  Click here to request this information from NALA Headquarters.

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Active members of NALA - new and renewals - are receiving an $80 gift certificate from NALA to apply toward any NALA educational program or Facts & Findings subscription ...

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The NALA Vendor Directory is a terrific place to start. This is a list of legal vendors offering a great range of help including deposition services, document services, and investigations. Click the link below...

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PSI Testing Center Network and Appointments
Examinees will receive an e-mail notification when PSI is ready to accept appointments and payment for the Certified Paralegal Examination.

Examinees may NOT contact PSI until this notification is received.

The notification will include the web address, PSI login name, examinee ID number, and examinee PIN number. These numbers should be identical to the information provided by NALA. If they are not, examinees should contact NALA Headquarters immediately.  PSI provides two easy methods to schedule test appointments:  Online at www.candidate.psiexams.com/login or by calling the Candidate Service Center 1-800-733-9267.

When you schedule your appointment, you should be prepared to provide any of the following information:

  • The name used to schedule your appointment must exactly match the name shown on your identification. At a minimum, the identification must be a valid, government-issued ID that shows your name in the English alphabet, your signature, your photograph.
  • Your sponsor issued I.D. Number.
  • Contact phone numbers - If there is an unexpected event, PSI  will use these numbers to contact you.
  • Mailing address
  • Exam title (s)
  • E-mail address
  • Method of payment.

The PSI web site includes a link to check testing locations. Be sure to check locations and times before paying for appointments.

Test appointments can be cancelled and/or rescheduled through the PSI Web site. Typically PSI allows you to schedule 1 day prior if space is available and requires a minimum of 2 business days to reschedule your exam without penalty.

PSI has strict rules regarding cancellation or rescheduling appointments. Changes or cancellations received fewer than 72 hours prior to the appointment date will result in a forfeiture of payment. Cancellations more than 72 hours in advance of the appointment date are eligible for refund. Appointments are cancelled or rescheduled on-line using the same link used to schedule appointments.  Contact NALA Headquarters for questions regarding refunds.

In rare cases weather or an emergency forces a test center closure. If this happens you will be contacted by the PSI rescheduling department within 24-48 hours to reschedule your appointment. Examinees may also call 800-733-9267 for information. Real time site information is posted at psiexams.com.

Once examinees have made the appointment and submitted payment, PSI will send a confirmation with testing center rules. The confirmation will also include directions to the testing center location.

Testing Center Locations

PSI Premier PLUS™ - National Test Center Network
PSI Premier PLUS™ centers are a distinct combination of PSI owned and operated and partner sites – with over 260 PSI Premier PLUS™ Test Centers – located in all 50 of the United States, U.S. territories –these sites are available for delivering high-stakes exams and provide the level of consistency in security, design, and registration procedures that yield an unparalleled commitment to quality.

PSI Autorized Test Centers
PSI Authorized test center network sites are independently-owned and have been carefully selected for their quality, service, amenities and passion to deliver the best candidate test experience possible.

Through PSI Premier PLUS and PSI Authorized Test Centers, examinees have 450 cities to select for testing. Click here to open a map of testing center locations to give you an idea of their distribution across the United States. Testing center locations are also posted at this link: click here. Testing center locations are subject to change at any time. Locations will be confirmed with examinees upon confirmation of scheduled appointments.

PSI Testing Center Policies and Recommendations

The following are standard rules for PSI testing centers and will be followed by NALA examinees. For more detailed information, there is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page on the PSI web site. Click here to visit this page.

  • No conversing or any other form of communication among candidates is permitted once you enter the examination area.
  • You are prohibited from reproducing, communicating or transmitting any test content in any form for any purpose. Copying or communicating content is a violation of PSI security policy. Either one may result in the disqualification of examination results, may lead to legal action and will be reported to your Licensing Authority/Sponsor.
  • Electronic devices and recording devices of any kind (including but not limited to cell phones, pagers, cameras) are NOT permitted in PSI testing centers.
  • NO personal items should be brought to the testing centers. PSI will not be responsible for any personal items, and suggests that you leave such items in another safe place of your choosing. Only non-programmable calculators that are silent, battery operated, do not have paper tape printing capabilities, and do not have an alphabet keyboard will be allowed in the examination site.
  • You must present valid, unexpired and acceptable ID(s) in order to take your test. Check your Candidate Information Bulletin or Licensing Authority/Sponsor for the specific rules that apply to your test.
  • PSI requires all employees and test takers to conduct themselves in a professional and courteous manner at all times. Exhibiting abusive behavior towards a proctor or other candidates will be reported to your Licensing Authority/Sponsor and may result in criminal prosecution.
  • You must arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled exam time in order to be admitted to take your exam.
  • Persons not scheduled to take a test are not permitted to wait in the testing center or surrounding common areas.
  • Once examinees have made the appointment and submitted payment, PSI will send a confirmation with testing center rules. The confirmation will also include directions to the testing center location.
PSI Cost Information

Appointment fees, effective through 2013, for PSI testing centers are as listed below. The PSI appointment fees are separate from the examination fees and paid directly to PSI. Payment is required in advance.

  • 1.5 hour session - $40
    • 30 minutes for check-in and instructions + 1 hour for the Ethics or Legal Research exams
  • 2 hour session - $40
    • 30 minutes for check-in and instructions + 1½ hour for the Communications exam
  • 2.5 hour session - $47
    • 30 minutes for check-in and instructions + 2 hours for the Substantive Law or Judgment & Analytical Ability exam
The time stated above is the time an examinee will be in attendance at a testing center. Examinees are required to be present 30 minutes prior to the stated exam start time for check-in and sign-in into the exam session.

Examinees are cautioned that those who are termed “NO-SHOWS” will forfeit the examination appointment fee. A candidate may reschedule an appointment an unlimited number of times prior to the “red zone.” The “red zone” is 72 hours prior to the appointment date and time. Once a candidate is inside the “red zone” the appointment fee will be forfeited for a change or no-show.

The scheduled testing windows for the Certified Paralegal Examination are the months of September, January, and May. Any appointments made outside of the testing windows are subject to cancellation.

NALA is not responsible for changes in fees or policies of PSI that apply to the PSI Testing Center Network. NALA makes every effort to convey information about PSI testing center policies and fees, but amendments to the fee schedule and policies may be made by PSI that are not immediately communicated to NALA.